06 February 2009

A new ATC.

I'm working on a project for art trader magazine, a .pdf publication helmed by dana driscoll [she goes by adriayna at www.atcsforall.com]. i'm giving a little look at my art space, my dining-room-cum-studio, as well as walking through the steps i take in making an ATC. this is the ATC that i photographed in varying stages of completion. it's for a swap at atcsforall.com, hosted by miss.

An update on class observations.

In this new term, my dean again visited one of my classes, though this time, my class was AMAZING. They were scheduled to have a reading discussion, and they rocked it--talking to one another, remembering which of them was in the military, etc., when talking about flag burning . . . just an awesome day.

My dean was impressed, and I was SOOOO happy and proud and impressed. This class really set things right, over last term's fiasco. :) Sigh. A bit weight is lifted, just in time for me to flit off to Chicago for AWP and actually enjoy myself. :)