31 January 2014

Pinterest and Art Journals

Holy Crap! I spent some time this week reorganizing my pins and boards on Pinterest, so that it was easier to find the art journal pins I've made over the last year or so . . . and there was so much there! It's great to have all of that inspiration in one place, but it's also so weird to see such an obvious result of time I could have spent working on my own art or writing.

This journal work by Martha Rich is knocking my socks off right now!
Regardless, I now have boards for art journal inspiration, for prompts, for traveling journal kits, for tutorials and techniques, for ephemera, and for ideas re: art journal/day planner hybrids. WOW! Feel free to visit Amy's Pinterest to see what's there, but let me know if you also have an art journal board on Pinterest! I'd love to follow it!