11 August 2010

Roseburg Book and Stationery

I love this store! It's in Roseburg's little downtown, and it's within a bike ride of my house--and trust me, I'm a chubby little thing, so I can't bike very far. The store actually opened in 1910, and for a good amount of time this winter, they had a window display built of old office supply goods that they still have in storage from the early 1900s. They may have frowned on the moderate amount of drooling I couldn't control as I inspected it all, nose pressed to the windows, eyes wild with covetous desire.

Roseburg Book & Stationery is now a Hallmark store + a scrapbooking store with a little rubber stamping corner, but they do still sell office supplies and office furniture, too. I love shopping here when I can--their prices are competitive, and I would rather buy the occasional ink pad or handful of coin envelopes or patterned paper or package of map pins here than at Staples or Michael's.

And frankly, who WOULDN'T love this sign--I want that large fountain pen in my house! :) http://www.roseburgbook.com/Aboutus.asp

09 August 2010

Women Writers Moleskine Spread

I kept delaying the process of taking photographs of this wonderful little art journal that was completed by sending it out to seven mail artists all over the country [and one in Canada]. We all exchanged japanese moleskines, once per month, for about 8 months. My theme was "strong women writers," and some of the entries in the journal are just incredible works of art. I plan on keeping this close to my writing desk, so that it can inspire me often.

See more closeup photos of the individual spreads, and see who created which ones, at my flickr account.