14 September 2009

Found Poetry

so i'm hosting a swap at www.atcsforall.com that requires players to come up with found poetry to include on their ATCs. i haven't made any of these in a while, and now i'm on quite a roll . . . maybe i just needed to find a way to meld some writing exercises with some artwork, so that i can get back into the groove of writing [or at least thinking about writing] more regularly. this card uses an image of an eyelid stitched shut that i've had in my box of images forever . . . it finally seemed like a place it fit quite well. i love how each stitch seems to underline the words.

02 September 2009

Wednesday Poetry Prompts

So, this week's prompt is to write a poem that deals with some sort of mislabeling or calling someone/something by the wrong name.

Wednesday Poetry Prompts at Writer's Digest Blogs

I'm going to see what I can do!