28 March 2009

School starts up Monday.

I'm not ready. I'm trying to get changes made in my syllabi, read a few plays to freshen them in my mind, feel ready to be back in the office again.

steve's feeling better, my cough is going away, but i'm still itchy. we see his maxilofacial (sp?) surgeon on Tuesday afternoon, and then after that, i see the doctor for allergy tests.

i have just been a ridiculous flake this week . . . neither one of us has felt up to lawn maintenance or housekeeping, so my visions of spring cleaning haven't yet materialized.

i need to be writing more. i'm ashamed i've been putting it off so often anymore. sigh.

i'm hoping the three weeks at my parents' house this june/july will give me time to write, but we'll see. i always seem to come up with an excuse.

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