18 January 2010

Art journaling . . . the first few steps of the first spread.

So, the first prompt was "WHAT." Basically, "what keeps you silent?" So I had to write out those things that stop me from journaling and making art--from doing anything really--then paint and layer a journal page over, essentially "erasing" those thoughts that keep me still.

I have the first few steps completed . . . I'll work more on this later. First step, i gessoed over the vintage pages in my altered book after adding a few images.

Second step, I used a raspberry-colored paint pen to write out some things that keep me from my journal.

Third step, I used Ceramacoat acrylics [in "cricket" and "ocean"] to "gesso" over the paint pen. I like using this brand of paint in journals because it's still pretty loaded with pigments, but it is chalkier that artist-grade acrylics, so the pages are less likely to stick together when i close the journal.

Fourth step, I used a chisel-tip sharpie and a black pigment marker to write WHAT? across the spread. I have no idea what I'm doing next. lol.



  1. Kewl Amy.....but I didn't think you could ever be at a loss for words. I am, quite often and like to use imagery more often then text journal writing. Can't wait to see how it progresses. Have fun!

  2. thank you! i know . . . but i think of you the same way--i can't imagine you feeling held back! LOL!

  3. OOoh, I love that bright pink and green.


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