25 February 2022

Continuing to catch up on submissions.

Work has been terrible this week--some student-related concerns I won't go into here, but it's taking a lot of brain space, and concentrating on anything else has been hard. I did have an appointment with my therapist yesterday, which helped. 

I did hear from one first book contest--The Jake Adam York Prize--and while I wasn't a finalist, they received almost 1000 entries this year, so it was a longer shot than I expected. I thought I'd recognize a name or two in the finalists, but I did not. 

This week, I had a FaceBook memory from three years ago that states I need to do better, spending more time on submissions and writing. It was encouraging to read that and know that I took action from that point on. I've been much more consistently dedicated to my writing over the last 2+ years. 

I sent out a few more submissions this morning, and now I'm back in that holding pattern of waiting for rejections and acceptance letters. This should give more more room to write over the next few weeks. Right now, though, I am very behind on grading, and I need to get that caught up over the weekend.

My birthday is Sunday, but I'm not sure that I'm doing anything. I've been thinking about going to Eugene to play pinball on Sunday, but I really wanted to do that today. Anyhow.

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