05 May 2008

OOH! New Job Prospects!

I am not sure I mentioned--my letter of resignation was accepted by JCC, so I'm not returning in fall, regardless of what happens with my interviews in Washington and Oregon.

I also have an interview on May 15 in Roseburg, Oregon, which is only an hour outside of Eugene. This would be a fabulous thing, too. There are real advantages to the position in Aberdeen, but the location of the Roseburg job would put us SO close to Steve's mom. That would be fabulous.

We have to try to get hold of my mom-in-law to see if she'll be able to put me up for a night or two in Eugene when I fly in for the interview. She'll have JUST returned from a 12-day trip to Hawaii, on the SAME DAY I'd arrive, so I'm not sure how stoked she's going to be to feel as if she has to entertain me. heh.

I need to be writing more poetry. I'm embarrassed with my lack of motivation.


  1. OMG--I've been so bad about checking your blog. Crazy busy the last few weeks.

    Hope you're better. Keep me posted on the job prospects.

  2. So you are looking in Roseburg? I live in Grants Pass and follow your work on atcsforall.com.

    Hope you land in Oregon.


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