05 May 2008

A little catching up to do . . .

So I've been sick. I missed the last month of the semester at JCC. This has made for an interesting paradox, in that I have much more time to be blogging, but also I have far less desire to blog.

I did not win the Gerald Cable Award from Silverfish, and I did not win the Center for Book Arts' 2008 Chapbook contest. I was, however, a semi-finalist for the chapbook contest, which is really neat. Next year's judge is Kim Addonizio, so I will certainly reapply. Somehow, I think that she'll love my work just because I love hers. heh.

Bread Loaf letters aren't mailed until the end of May . . . so I don't know about it yet. I have a few chapbook contests to which I need to submit, but I've been horrible at submissions lately, too.

I did place my short poem "Stew" at JuiceBox, a little & new online journal. Their design is really great . . . I'll be in the second issue. I think their first issue has some good writing and some marginal writing, but I'm overall pleased. When I submitted to the journal, there wasn't a first issue yet, so it was really a blind submission. http://www.squeezetheuniverse.com/juice/

I'm currently, for the rest of today, in Ocean Shores, Washington. I came out on Sunday to interview today at Grays Harbor College in Aberdeen. That was this morning. I had a horrible time of things . . . left my curling iron at home, melted a Tahari skirt this morning with a clothing steamer, and couldn't give an example of a misplaced modifier in the interview. sigh. I was nervous, but the school is really fabulous--well funded, fantastic resources for students, a beautiful campus . . . we'll see if they decide they really want to hire a flakey, tattooed English teacher who wears a black cotton eyelet skirt to an interview. [thank goodness i'd packed an additional skirt at all, or i'd have been screwed.]

Aberdeen is about 2 hours from Seattle's airport, and only 45 minutes from the Washington coast. I'm not sure Steve will like it here if I get the job, but he's game to give it a shot. He may be a house-husband for a while, too, because there isn't really a lot of fine dining around here. Ah, well. With the beach so close, I'm sure he'll manage.

I'm tired. I'll post again this week--I'm sure I'll think of more.

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