25 February 2008

One contest down . . .

Perugia Press released their winner for the 2008 poetry book contest, and it wasn't me. LOL! I did enter, though there were a few contests I entered in Fall 2007 for full-length book publication that really were probably shooting too high. The bulk of my manuscript was my thesis, and in my thesis defense in November, all three members of my panel told me that there were two really strong chapbooks in my thesis--maybe the start of a third. However, they didn't think that it was cohesive as a book. So, I'm certain that I'm now just waiting for the other rejections to roll in, too.

I do have a chapbook manuscript out . . . I'm hoping that it has a shot. It's all my sexier poems, I think. Some about marriage, some about the spaces outside of marriage. I'm thinking that the juxtaposition of domesticity and things that are decidedly NOT considered domestic acts will be interesting to some editor . . . somewhere.

An awful day at work . . . it's the week before spring break, and students just aren't reading or writing. I'm pulling teeth in every single class. I came home, cancelled plans, and took a nap. sigh.


  1. Fools!

    In related news, I got the dreaded rejection from Cream City. That packet shoots off again next week.

    Hope you're not snowed in!

  2. Hi,

    I found your page through the Creative Writing MFA blog where you wrote about Chatham and said if anyone had any questions, you wouldn't mind answering them. So, I hope that still holds true:

    Which concentration are you in?
    Is there any funding? Graduate Assistantships?
    What is the Field Study like? Where did you go?
    How are classes?
    What would you say the average age of students is?
    How big are classes?


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