22 February 2008

A bit of good poetry news!

My poems are going to be on wicked alice! I'm so excited about this . . . it's an online journal (the editor is Kristy Bowen, who is a fabulous poet in her own right. her book the fever almanac is lovely . . . and she has two new books coming out! holy crap!) Kristy is one of those younger women poets that i just love; knowing that she's picked three of my poems for wicked alice was thrilling.


The winter 2008 issue went up recently . . . I've not yet read it. This publication credit brings me a great deal of joy. She's publishing "Office Hour," a poem I wrote about a history instructor at my job, and "Pittsburgh Women Are Divisible by Three," which I'd not sent anywhere else, and "Swallows," one I wrote for my thesis right at the deadline. All three were written in Fall 2007, so it's nice to have new work going out and getting snapped up.

Sigh. I just need to start writing more often, so I can get a cohesive full-length book collection together.

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