23 February 2008

A rejection letter.

The Tusculum Review sent a rejection letter--though it did indicate that I could send again for the fall 2008 issue. Still, I was getting a little excited; they had my work for a while.

Paper Street is taking "Wading," an older poem . . . the poetry editor and founder, Arlan Hess, was an adjunct instructor at Robert Morris University at the same time as me years ago. I don't think she knew who I was when I applied--I now go by my married name. Regardless, it's a nice looking print journal that's getting some good work out there.

I also have a chapbook at the Boom Chapbook Contest through Bateau Magazine. I would not have even known about the contest, but for seeing Bateau at AWP this year. One guy at the table chatted a bit, and their first chapbook is lovely. Bateau, the journal, is lovely. Someplace that is definitely into putting work out in elegant books.

I need to get off my rear and apply for a few jobs--spent most of last night working on these awful online applications that colleges are now using for their hiring process. ugh. I also need to get a few more chapbook drafts out in the world--I've earmarked a bit of the old tax return to fund that.

Oh! And I applied to Bread Loaf. I rec'd my verification postcard yesterday. :D

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