01 January 2009

happy effin' new year.

i've gained way too much weight this past year, i've moved across the country, spent way too much money on airline tickets, apparently i've used bad language far too often at my new place of employment, and my beloved cat died.

maybe now is NOT the time to be making resolutions. BUT . . . i will.

1. try to maybe lose a few pounds. i don't mind being fat and sassy, but i'd like my jeans to fit a little better.

2. write more.

3. submit more poetry for publication . . . i've been pissing that away lately.

4. read more.

i have two of kazuo ishiguro's novels on my bed table. i'm hoping to have them both done by the end of january. i'd like to start reading two novels per month, just for pleasure. teaching forces me to read student work all the time, then i let myself forget what it's like to enjoy reading.

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