20 January 2009

new ATCs.

So, I've been making a few ATCs over the weekend . . . I'm going to fly over to Indianapolis in June to attend a little conference for mail artists, organized by the wonderful, creative people who own the website www.atcsforall.com. I need to get some stuff together, so I have some cards to trade when I get there. I'm excited to meet some artists I only know online . . .

I'm a little nervous. I'm not the least abrasive chica in the world . . . and I get along with some of these artists SOOO well online. What happens when they find out I'm a completely bitter, hateful ass IRL? It's true.

This card is based on an image in the Mutter Museum's collection . . . it's also the inspiration for one of my tattoos.


  1. Hey gorgeous--when are you getting into Chi-Town for AWP?

  2. Love your 2 headed skellie atc! Your tattoo rocks btw!!
    Hateful and bitter lol

  3. I'm hateful and bitter too! ;-) Too bad I won't be there!

  4. LOL, Miss Amy bitter?? Never!! Hahahha. I'm looking forward to meeting you ;-)


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