29 September 2020

Two poems to be published by The Louisville Review

I am thrilled that two of my poems have been selected by The Louisville Review for inclusion in the Fall 2020 issue. 

The poem "Scorpions and Grasshoppers" was first drafted for a class at Chatham University, during my MFA, but it was never completed. I finished the poem this summer--about fifteen years later. The Louisville Review was the first journal to read the poem, as they do not accept simultaneous submissions.

The second poem, "Requiescat," is a short poem that has been one of my favorites for the few years I've been kicking it around, trying to make it click. I felt a real sense of accomplishment in getting it to a place where it was ready to send out to editors; I am so pleased it has found a home here.

I plan to come back to talk about craft with at least one of these poems, once they've been published and I can comfortably share parts of them here. They are both quite brief; I like the short poem as a form.

The Louisville Review 

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