24 December 2020

Crab Creek Review takes "Spoke" for publication, and more rejection letters.

Actually, it's not as bad as all of that. I've been fairly quiet on the blog front, because my Submittable dashboard hasn't been moving a whole lot. I still have several dozen submissions out in the world, but most are sitting at "in progress" or simply "received" at this point. 

I was thrilled to receive an email accepting "Spoke" for publication--it will be in the next issue of Crab Creek Review. This is a newer incarnation of a poem that I wrote while studying at Chatham in 2005 or so. I really love this poem, and I'm glad it has found its place.  

Crab Creek Review is a women-run journal out of the Seattle area; their board is comprised of all women. David J. Daniels is their new poetry editor, as of August 2020.

As for rejection letters, I assumed editors would start clearing their desks at Thanksgiving, but it didn't really happen. I did receive a few rejections, but submission activity was fairly static through November. Now that we've closed in on Christmas, I'm seeing a few more rejections. The Citron Review and Noctua Review both passed on the work I sent to them.

I've regrouped the work in those submissions, and I sent them back out this morning to new journals. I'm hearing in most emails from editors that 2020 has been a record year for submissions, so all I can do is keep those balls in the air, so to speak. 

And Kenyon Review still hasn't rejected my submission. : ) 

Crab Creek Review

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