24 December 2020

"Threshold" is now published online at The Elevation Review

My short poem "Threshold" is now published and available online at The Elevation Review. I am excited to have something recent out there, online, that my name points toward, other than my likely horrendous "rate my professor" reviews and score. 

I had originally submitted in July to this journal, and while my work was declined, the editor asked me to resubmit for their fall issue. Ultimately, "Threshold" resonated with them, and I'm grateful. This poem is really new--it was written this past summer, and it was published without really going through the number of rewrites and revisons I'm used to applying to a poem. I look at it now, and some of the images are lovely, but I think it's also a bit muddy at the end. I will likely continue to tinker with it, so that when it eventually, hopefully, appears in a book, it will be in a slightly different form.

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