26 November 2008

The day before Thanksgiving.

So it's the last day of the week for work . . . the day before Thanksgiving. I have to teach a night class tonight, and I'm not wanting to do it. The last few days have been an absolute swarm of students dropping courses . . . the building has just been a beehive.

I am anxious to do nothing tomorrow but a little catching up tomorrow. Steve and the mother-in-law are both working, and I'm conveniently tucked 2000 miles away from my mother's house. No holiday small talk for me . . . I might spend some time online drooling over who is speaking & presenting at AWP in Chicago this winter.

Speaking of Chicago . . . dancing girl press still hasn't announced their chapbook selections from this summer's open submission period. I'm crossing my fingers. Apparently writers who haven't received an official rejection at this point are still in the running, though the announcements were supposed to be in October. I haven't been rejected yet, so I'm optimistic this could be the year of my first chapbook.

Maybe I'll write on Thanksgiving.

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