27 November 2008

One reason I love Oregon . . .

Do I really even need to add anything else, besides the photograph?  This was taken in late September at Bandon-by-the-Sea, which is about 90 minutes or so from where we live.  It might be the worst 90 mile stretch on the face of the earth, but once we're there . . . it's easy to forget the drive.

At this point, I must honestly say that I would be willing to entertain any of my PA/OH friends for a week or two . . . just to be able to share how pretty it is here. Even in Roseburg, the hills and rivers are beautiful . . . I think Steve would like to move up to Eugene or Portland eventually, but I'm pretty happy here. Go figure . . . I wanted to get out of Weirton, WV so badly as a teenager, and now, I'm living in it's mirror image, but 2000 miles away.

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