25 November 2008

What 75 cents can buy in Roseburg . . .

This morning, during one of my regular trips to what I like to call "The Mall," but what other Roseburg residents call the Salvation Army thrift store, i found vintage beads in their "treasure case" at the front of the store. Look what I scooped up!

in the bottom picture, i paid 75 cents for the white beads--vintage seed beads and vintage white-painted German wooden beads. The black beads are also wooden and vintage Germany--and also 75 cents. The bigger greenish beads are carved wood, and i think they were used as buttons. They were also 75 cents. And, the other lovelies--a broken choker of vintage glass beads--were also the same price.

The big bag in the top photo was 1.75 . . . and has some vintage findings, all sorts of beads and jewelry bits--some new and some vintage. Who is giving this stuff away to charity? Where is the rest of the stuff this cool, dead grandma had stashed in her attic and dresser drawers?

A pretty good day, and that's not including my other goodies. I spent 31 bucks and left with two bulging sacks of glorious junk.

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