14 April 2009

a journal page.

I'm in a group of 10 artists who are trading 8x10 journal pages once a month . . . two sided. I'm actually a month ahead [this is May's journal page], as I'm trying to finish up my commitment before leaving in mid-June for a month away from home.

This page is for danny, the artist who is fidoART Studio in Georgia. He draws amazing little colorful, grumpy people, so i tried to incorporate some hand-drawn element into his pages. This has hand-written journalling, hand-drawn and colored person (PITT pen and prismacolor pencils), plus mixed-media collage elements including machine stitching, vintage seam binding and painted paper towelling. The "Custom Made by Marie Blanchard" label is vintage, too. I found a whole envelope of them, probably 50 of them, at a thrift shop years ago for a dollar or two. So Marie Blanchard is always getting props for my work . . . she's probably dead, too.

I had a long weekend--my husband had oral surgery yesterday--so I was allotted a little more art time than usual this weekend.

I should have been writing . . . I do know this.

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