02 April 2009

why i'm itchy.

i finally figured it out! i'm allergic to something called imidazolidinyl urea.

i bought a pricey lotion at the podiatrist's office, supposed to help with dry skin much more than what can be bought over the counter. it contains 10% urea, and supposedly, people who are allergic to urea will show contact dermatitis symptoms when they use a product with just 2% urea.

omg . . . i am going to DIE before this lotion wears off.

ends up, urea is a preservative that produces formaldehyde. nice to know that's what i'm rubbing onto my skin, turning myself into some sort of living mummy.

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  1. Scary!! Gonna check the ingredients of my lotion :)

    I've used urea when I dyed fabric, always with gloves though.


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