02 April 2009

The Spring Term

Again, on Tuesday & Thursday, I go to campus for a single class. UGH!

Regardless, this class is fabulous . . . it's WR121, so some first-time writing students & some who went through WR115 first, a developmental course. I really like teaching it, and this section is full at 26 students. I believe I have at least 10 or so nontraditional students in the class, too, and the mix seems like a great one. Everyone already talks, already seems really friendly, even across the room from one another. Not in a circus-style mess, but in a community kind of way that should really help them all to become more comfortable sharing their work more quickly.

So, I'm already feeling better about going to campus for a single class . . . the enthusiasm of many of them has made me a little excited to teach the class.

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