20 October 2020

Another post on the same day. Rejection, revision, resubmission.

I've been spending my morning working on refining some older poems today, and I received a rejection from Bat City Review in my email. 

I was disappointed, because I feel those particular poems are a few of my stronger new poems. That being said, two of the four have been revised substantially since I sent them out to Bat City. I decided to take a quick look at the other two, then send the packet back out to another publication today.

In revising my poem "Marriage," I think I made a few small but incredibly effective revisions, and I think all four poems are significantly better than they were even a few weeks ago. 

So, I sent out a much finer set of poems to Tar River Poetry--they are running an open call for their Spring 2021 issue, and their deadline is October 31.

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