22 October 2020

Steel House Review goes on hiatus, frees up poetry.

I received an email this week from the editors of Steel House Review; they are moving to an indefinite hiatus.

I ended up with a tidy packet of three poems that I could send out to a new journal, too; Ruminate Magazine has a deadline approaching, so I decided to submit there, hoping something of mine will catch an editor's eye as they make the last choices for the next issue.  

Back to SHR, though. I am surprised, frankly, that more small publishing houses and journals haven't shuttered while I've had work on their desks. It's such an uncertain time for writers and educators both--and most publications are run by one or the other . . . or both. 

Steel House Review is a nice little independent online journal--I'm sorry to see its doors shuttered, but I hope that the editors find this time to be restorative for them.

Steel House Review


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