12 November 2020

Another book prize--The Perugia Prize.

I decided to send my full-length manuscript out to another contest--the Perugia Press Prize. They only publish one title per year, so it's fairly exclusive, but they focus on first and second books from women writers, so I thought it was a worthwhile opportunity.

I changed the title of the manuscript to Faster than Hares and Rabbits, which is the last line of a poem in the collection. The deadline is Sunday--November 15th--so I'm hoping that a last-minute entry might grant me some attention. 

Along with publication and ten author copies of the book, the prize includes $1000, and input into the design and editing.

I'm crossing my fingers, and I'm hoping that while 2020 has been a humdinger of a year, it will prove to be the year I wrote my first published book of poetry, as well.

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