02 November 2020

"Threshold" accepted for publication at The Elevation Review.

I received an email this morning from the editor of The Elevation Review, and they are going to publish my poem "Threshold" in their next issue.

"Threshold" is a part of the second sampling of poems I've sent to this publication--they rejected a submission in July or August--they're actually one of the first places I sent work to this summer. Although that first set of poems was rejected, I received an email from the editor asking me to resubmit work for their next issue. I did, and I'm delighted to see that they've found something of mine that will work with their vision. 

The Elevation Review is a fledgling online journal, and I've generally been getting a little pickier about sending to online journals, especially those that only have a few issues under their belt. However, this one already has such a polished, professional website and feel. The editor-in-chief, Thomas Kneeland, has done some fantastic work with this journal--both in design and in content. I look forward to being part of their third issue; I will update this post when the issue goes live. 

The Elevation Review

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