01 November 2020

Finally, submission success at Poetry Northwest.

I have been trying to submit work at Poetry Northwest for a few months--they limit their monthly poetry submissions to 300, and I continually forget to check on the first or second of the month. This morning, however, I was ready! I've had a selection of four poems at the ready--and I uploaded them this morning as soon as the dropbox opened. 

I hope to hear from a few more journals this coming week . . . October 31st was a big fall deadline, so I'm thinking a few places hold their initial choice and rejections until after the deadline passes, just in case. 

In my own writing, I've revised a few pieces this week, and I've written a few new fragments. I am actually caught up on essay grading until tomorrow morning, so I'm planning to spend a bit of my Sunday working on some new things. 

I've also started a new altered book--this year has been very good for my journaling; I usually fill one book per year, and this year, I'm on my third large book. I've also made three smaller journals. I feel like being at home has been good for my creativity, and my peace in general. 

I think I have a video of me flipping through one of this year's books--I'll look around and see if I can find it.

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