16 December 2008

Gabriel Brothers.

i'm here, in northern west virginia, at my parents' house. today, i'm using wifi at the local hospital . . . my grandmother is having some kind of outpatient surgery today, so i'm sitting here with my dad. :)

i'm tickled . . . though i hate shopping here for the most part, there is a store named Gabriel Bros. here in Weirton. We don't have these out west, and the one here in town is better than most of the others in the chain that i've been to. so, i went out there yesterday afternoon and spent about dollars on two huge bags of fabulosity. :)

I bought . . .

1. a pair of merrell shoes--brown leather mary-janes that look very artisan, with boiled wool trim and a big button closure on the strap . . . i tried a pair of these on last spring at Little's Shoes [in the Squirrel Hill neighborhood of Pittsburgh], and they were certainly more $$$ than the $19.99 i paid last night. woot!

2. two Woolrich shirts for the big Steve . . . one wool, one flannel, each one was 12.99. very nice, and he's become a woolrich junkie since we've moved to oregon. there is a damp kind of cold there, one that he feels always needs to be combatted with thick, plaid flannel. i might be married to paul bunyan's long-lost [but quite oafy & a little gay] brother.

3. two burned-out velvet scarves--one beige and pieced with lace, and one black with fringe. really lovely, and 4.99 apiece.

4. a thin silk scarf in black, and a cotton batik scarf for 99 cents each.

5. a sisal boot/shoe scraper for the porch for 9.99 . . . i've looked everywhere for one, and only could find them through ll bean, and i didn't want to pay that much for one when i was actually going to be scraping mud and dog poop on it. lol.

6. a pair of Anne Taylor suede flats with grograin ribbon bows on the front for 7.00 on clearance. holy crap!

7. a black cotton, gored skirt with blue embroidery, from Anne Taylor, for 7.99.

8. a label-free silk cardigan in a purple/wine color for 9.99.

9. two pads of paper from Urban Outfitters and a 6-pack of thank you notes from Anthropologie . . . 99 cents each. the notecards alone were 14.95 regular price!

10. an iPod charger for 5.99 and a new pair of mini, custom-fit ear buds for 3.99. i left mine at home, so they're for the plane!

i may go back and snap up a few more of the Urban Outfitters pads . . . they had composition books, too, that were moleskine-sized and also 99 cents each, and would always make good stockpiled gifts for RAKs [random acts of kindness] for mail artist friends and poet friends alike.

oh, gabriel bros. how i miss them.


  1. OMG! You so scored! Can I be jealous? :D

  2. That's a much more impressive haul than I managed yesterday--and I was at TWO gabe's.


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