03 December 2008

Instructor Observation

So one of my classes was observed by the dean of arts & sciences at UCC today. It is one of my better classes, but they were atrocious today.

No one wanted to work on their in-class activity, everyone talked over one another, asked unrelated questions, and basically horrified me. One student actually asked me, "What is, exactly, MLA citation format?" Oh. My. God.

Nothing like being a probationary faculty member and having the worst observation ever. Students who haven't attended half the class meetings showed up and asked ridiculous questions, and I kept waiting to wake up in bed, that today was some sort of nightmare.

Now, it is the penultimate class before finals, so the dean has to realize that he is going to observe some all-out student hysteria, but I would've passed out Ritalin if I would have known this was how things were going to go.

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