20 December 2008

Trapped in West Virginia.

so, i checked the airlines online today, packed my bags, and went to the airport. then, portland's airport closed. so all flights into portland, oregon were cancelled for the day. sigh.

so, i waited for my parents to drive back to the airport to retrieve me, and now i'm waiting to leave tomorrow at 4:30, flying to dallas and then to portland.

oh my god. then, in my parents' garage, i realized my expensive, supposedly sturdy all-terrain duffel has split along one side. if i HAD flown today, my belongings would have ended up spilled all over a plane or airport's back room . . . not pretty.

so i have to go out in the morning and purchase a new suitcase or duffel to get my things home. sigh. a bit of a mess.

and, i miss my husband and my cats. i wanna go home.

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