20 December 2008

Shopping in Pittsburgh.

i did spend a good amount of time shopping this week . . . just sick of Roseburg's lack of stores. it was a nice change!

i hit Pat Catan's craft & art supplies, because we don't have them in OR, and they're cheaper than art supply shops in OR. I bought some acrylic paint [expensive hues--green gold and cobalt teal, for example--that are 40% off here, every day], some lumieres [which i've never had, but want to try SOOOO badly], and some beading supplies. I bought about 150 dollars worth of art and jewelry goodies. LOL.

i also got a chance to shop at Marshall's, which netted me three new cardigan sweaters and a little wool bolero sweater for work. i am a big-time cardigan junkie, especially when they are completely obnoxious.

i buzzed through Arvey office supply on the North Side of pittsburgh . . . bought a ream of paper, some other packages of papers and envelopes in 100% recycled brown paper. The ream of paper is a replacement for one that recently ran out--i guess i'm a big-time paper snob, even when it comes to what i put in my home printer. lol.

i also stopped at old navy. there's one in eugene, about 75 minutes from roseburg, but it's nasty--always sloppy and dirty, and small. so i stocked up on tee shirts and also got a sweater.

a note on tee shirts. my boobs are big--double Ds. my cats like to latch on to my boobs when i hold them, and they often pick little holes in my tee shirts, along my chest. so, i run through tee shirts like crazy. :)

so, i'm excited about my haul, as unspectacular as it really is.

my coolest purchase is this huge elf . . . i bought her at Roxanne's Dried Flowers in the Strip District of Pittsburgh . . . she's handknit, and her clothes are felted wool. she was pricey, but she's adorable. there will be a photo forthcoming, i promise.

can you tell i'm bored? well, i am bored AND i want to be at home, where i can play with my new goodies!

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