01 December 2008

Oh, yes. There will be author worship.

I can't stop drooling . . . and I don't have to share a hotel room with anyone.  I can't imagine it will top NYC in 2008, but I love Chicago, and I'm excited to get to explore for a few days again.

AWP 2009 in Chicago

I found a crazy good deal through priceline where my air travel + hotel was really cheap together, so I was able to stay in a really nice hotel; though it's about 12 blocks from the conference, it's still on Michigan, so the walk will be great.

The hotel is also really close to the modern art museum, and since i will get into Chicago early in the morning [my flight is a red-eye, which saved me from spending another night in the hotel], I can drop off my bags at the lobby with the concierge and go to the museum for the first part of the day, before I can officially check into my room.


  1. What a shmancy place! No idea where I'm staying yet.

    BTW--boo on the non-acceptance limbo. I'm keeping things crossed for you.

    Is your email addy still the same?

  2. email is amyfaerie [at] mac.com . . . that might be different.

    i got some kinda crazy deal on priceline for the hotel + the plane ticket together. it's a 12-block walk to the hilton, but the schmancy factor was totally worth it. LOL!


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