05 December 2008

Santa better get it together . . .

Steve's been sick for a week with a nasty intestinal flu . . . out of work and out of commission. So, not a lot of dough for the holidays, and not a lot of funds available for me to pack away as pin money during my upcoming trip to Pittsburgh.

I had plans for some tattoo work, for a shopping trip to Arvey [paper heaven, or the stationers on the North Side], and to plow through Dick's and Sports Deli for Steeler goodies to bring back for Steve. I also wanted to spend hours in Gabriel Bros. in Weirton, because we don't have one here. No dice. I have to be frugal.

This also means that I can't raid Christmas Market in Eugene for lots of goodies to take with me for family in WV . . . or goodies for me that I could buy there under the guise of Christmas shopping for the family in WV.

I hate being broke.

I asked my parents for three pairs of shoes and three books for the holiday. This may be all Santa can offer this year.

Steve can't even get off the couch long enough to come pick out a tree with me! And because of the move, we have very little holiday decor, and no $$$ to buy new stuff.



  1. I freaking HATE being piss ass broke! I am so with you sister! I am making all of my gifts this year because 1) I am broke and 2) consumerism, though fun it may be, is getting me down! Maybe when we both have more dough I can make a visit to OR for art making! :P

  2. i agree . . . we totally need to do that!


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